Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Ying vs Yang: Takes two to tango

The outward vs inward comments on the riot are staggeringly different.

The outside view is that of unbroachable allegiance to an ideological cause. There is no sense of concern for consequence and balance. It seems all about pushing a narrative which will then re-jigger the system toward a desired balance. Rhetoric is all about overcoming a system so that a better balance is obtained. It's the classic logic of 90's era G-7 protestors: "it's not that anarchy is the solution, but it's the voice that needs to be heard right now to counter-balance entrenched power".

Indeed, soft Critical Theory is based exactly on this. You don't push an objectively reasonable solution, you push as hard as you need for things to settle down to where you originally wanted them. It's no surprise Trumpism does exactly this. Such transformational logic fosters extremism. Adversarial systems, like Western legal systems are based on some deep seated social contracts. When these fail....

The inward face of the riots is very different. As this articles shows, there is a lot of concern about the practicalities of unleashed and unchecked anger. How are people going to get food when the stores are all burnt and won't re-open?

Here is a look inside Chicago. It is VERY different from the PR crap you hear on the news. If you want to understand the systems dynamics at play, you really have to read it in full.

On one hand you have to feel incredibly sorry for people. On the other hand, you have to think, what did you think would happen? Why were you railing against the only tool our systems had to respond to this? The sad point is that the complaints are largely about those very same system problems.

The frustrating part was such railings against the system usually work to establish a decent-enough correction. The problem is that phase changes happen quickly. Without a ying-yang balance, one player can ditch things and then you're screwed. In this case, the police didn't ditch, they just got swamped by a riotous phase change.

This leaves people light Mayor Lightfoot debasing the very same people she is crying to for help. Liberals and conservatives need each other. But at some point, one party is just going to say "screw it". Compromise and toleration no longer make sense. People try to ensure the other party feels the full consequences of their actions. And, if that means you get hurt in the process, oh well. Negative Sum thinking.

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